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Maid Brigade is the only local cleaning service using EPA-registered electrolyzed water technology. Our Green Clean Certified service has now been upgraded to PUREcleaning®.  Safe for humans, deadly for viruses.

Our PUREcleaning® system eliminates harmful contaminants, removes dirt and kills pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew while remaining Green Seal certified, non-toxic and safe.  Our comprehensive system includes the use of color-coded cleaning microfiber cloths, covers and pads that aid in eliminating cross-contamination as well as specialized products for the wide range of surfaces found in today's homes and offices.  We utilize only Carpet and Rug Institute certified vacuums which help clean the air as we vacuum all the floors, stairs and upholstery.  And we have the latest equipment to generate our cleaning solutions locally, including:

  • A broad spectrum cleaning solution that acts as an extremely effective degreaser, glass cleaner and all-purpose cleaner.  NaOH is commonly found as the only active ingredient in many commercial cleaning products and we offer all of those benefits without residues or fragrances.
  • A broad spectrum disinfectant using a potent, yet food safe, oxidizing agent (HOCL) which will bind to the cell membrane of a bacteria, fungus, or virus, and destroy the membrane, thus killing the cell.  It has passed laboratory testing as a disinfectant for human coronavirus, rhinovirus, norovirus, pseudomonas, staph and MRSA.

Until now, this technology has only been available at large commercial facilities such as medical buildings and food manufacturers.  In this era of heightened health concern we’re delighted to be able to provide it for residential & commercial clients. 

Since Maid Brigade first launched its Green Clean Certified service many years ago, we continue to develop eco-friendly methods to clean client homes and remain commited to incorporating the latest science to create clean, healthy and safe environments. 

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