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Pure cleaning


Commercial Cleaning For Health

Did you know that the way your offices are cleaned can impact worker absenteeism, productivity and morale?  The EPA says our indoor air is 2 – 5 times more polluted than the outdoors. This is especially true in office settings. That’s largely because many of the chemical ingredients in most cleaners can introduce health risks into the workplace. Without exhaust fans and open windows typically absent in offices these chemical solutions, vapors and residues build up over time and create hazards you may not want to introduce to your staff. Neurological disorders, behavioral disorders, reproductive disorders, blood and organ diseases, asthma and allergies and other health problems have been linked to chemicals in cleaning products. Create a cleaner, healthier work environment. Now you can have your office cleaned with PUREcleaning® service, exclusively from Maid Brigade.

Green cleaning is about creating a clean environment that is healthier for its inhabitants. Our PUREcleaning® service is a standardized approach to green cleaning which uses products,
equipment, and methods that reflect the latest green science and have been tested over hundreds of cleanings for effectiveness and health safety.  PUREcleaning® is the most consistent and thorough office cleaning available today.

  • Increase employee productivity & morale
  • Lower absenteeism due to health problems!

Enjoy a cleaner, healthier office environment when you trust your commercial space and office cleaning to Maid Brigade.

Plus Disinfection

We have introduced an extra disinfection protocol as a precautionary measure.  As part of each commercial cleaning, we go over surfaces with a disinfection solution delivered by our PUREmist™ electrostatic spraying.  This makes sure that surfaces are clean and safe for your employees when they return to work.  If you need just disinfection services without cleaning, we offer that too including fogging. 

Ask for disinfection when you call our office!

Day Cleaning

Our focus is on daytime commercial cleaning during the hours of 8am-5pm Monday to Friday.  This includes small offices, commercial areas, retail spaces and common areas of buildings.  We apply our extensive expertise from the residential market to give your commercial cleaning a higher standard than typical janitorial companies.  Give your employees the same level of clean that they get at home!